Valued customer, as referenced in messages and banners since August 2019, this legacy site is no longer available. In an effort to streamline our business, Optum has been migrating all existing customers to our Intelligent EDI (IEDI) platform which is now our single entry point for accessing EDI clearinghouse services.

If you have not yet requested to be migrated to IEDI or would like assistance, please submit a support ticket to complete the provisioning process and receive training information and we will quickly respond to get you up and running on the new system. We are continuing migrations and training although we have shut down the legacy system and once your organization has been migrated, you will have access to your business processes again.
(copy url into your browser to open a ticket with our EDI support team)

Please include your Optum ID within the ticket.

Please note: Optum payer lists can be found internally on the IEDI Portal and are also publicly available at

To reach the public Optum payer lists, copy and paste this path into your browser, this will not link you directly to the site.

Thank you,
Optum 360 EDI Support